Articles On Abortion

A Hard Look At Abortion issues and concerns

Understanding Abortion!

Mother and AbortionImportant Reason Not To Choose Abortion
 important things to consider when faced with the decision of whether to have an abortion. This info has been gleaned from a variety of sources and is generally believed to be accurate. However, one should always conduct their own research as well as discuss all options with a qualified medical professional.
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Pro-lifers have many strong views and supporting evidence as to why an abortion is not acceptable. Many of the points outlined in this article  are the primary reasons why pro-lifers keep fighting the abortion issue. This article is a brief over-view of some of the main points to help spur on discussion.
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The decision to abort is a serious one with the potential for lots of negative consequences. Careful and deliberate consideration must be given to this decision and is one that is not to be rushed or allowed to happen due to the pressures of family or friends.

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